Refersal,Share. Promote. Reward.

Share. Promote. Reward.

Help your customers become brand advocates. Develop an offer, encourage
customers to share it within their networks and reward them for their efforts.


  • ID and activate your most passionate customers
  • Share your story with new audiences
  • Execute new campaigns within minutes
  • Customizable for various social and digital platforms


  • Grow your community by creating awareness with friend of customer networks
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Measurable ROI

The Refersal Solution

  • 1 Define Your Campaign

    ID what you hope to get out of campaign (more emails, more fans, more website visitors), the channel through which you'll deliver the message and the offer you'll use to reward your customers for sharing your message.

  • 2 Build Your Campaign

    Enter the parameters of your campaign into our dashboard. It takes as little as 15 minutes.

  • 3 Launch Campaign

    Push your offer out to existing customers and watch as your message filters through their various networks.

  • 4 Reap the Rewards

    Campaign metrics populate the dashboard, all of which are exportable. Happy customers continue spreading the good word about your organization.

Some Ideas to Get You Thinking…



Do you have an offer that you think would appeal to both new and existing customers? Use one or several of your networks - email, Facebook, Twitter - to promote that offer. When a set number of people from your customer's network engage with the offer, your customer receives a reward.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

The benefits of your business do not start and stop with your product. No longer does a purchase only reap rewards – let your customers build rewards while sharing your brand love… and watch your network grow through theirs.



Identify a prize. Encourage customers to enter your contest for a chance to win said prize. Incentivize customers to promote to their friend network - for every friend from their network that enters, the customer will receive an additional entry.

Success Stories

Mid's Pasta Sauce


For every customer who shared the Mid's promotion, 3 to 4 new visitors to the Mid’s site downloaded their coupon. Qualified leads in the form of new e-mail addresses increased 10% and referrals increased promotional sales by more than 15%.



In an effort to increase their e-mail list ahead of the holidays, Ledbury leveraged Refersal to acquire thousands of new e-mail addresses in a month. And the incremental sales from customer referrals more than covered the total cost of their campaign.

Team Refersal

Amee Mungo

Amee Mungo, CCO

Customer experience, sales, marketing and service all fit here. An experienced startup professional, Amee’s career has spanned CPG companies to Big 5s to Silicon Alley startups. Amee’s energy and work ethic keep us all on our toes.

Garrett Vlieger

Garrett Vlieger, CTO

Garrett eats and sleeps software. With over fifteen years of experience in application development, he has created solutions and led projects across a wide swath of industries. Garrett is passionate about great technology and building ground-breaking products.

David Dart

David Dart, CEO

David is the restless idea guy. His passion is building great teams and turning ideas into reality. His career spans engineering, operations, and finance working for companies ranging in size from Fortune 5 to boutique consultancies.

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